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Playful and luminous, Nicole Joye's art-work catches the visitor's eye. First because of the original layout of the paintings but also because of the joyful working process of the artist. It is now on show at Galerie du Pressoir in Ecublens.

Nicole Joye's painting work is abstract and has not been preceded by a figurative period. Ms Joye's pictorial approach

is centered around the notion of game."This idea is very important in my work, she says". The display is playful too: the artist exhibits her work in a particular way: the paintings are tilted, each of them in a different direction as if they had fun together. She deliberately does not frame them. "An image shouldn't be limited, it should have the possibility to extend."Shapes, colours and transparency highlight this playful will with endless possibilities of new images, in an appearance of wanted disorder or organized chaos. 

Journal de Bussigny, Lausanne.



There is psychological depth in the paintings of Ms Joye but this is modulated within a highly confined scale. Interestingly enough, small scale and abstract painting is nowadays more associated with an abstraction of emotional indifference, with the techniques of « hard edge » or the monochrome in all its variations. It is as though the project of expressive abstract painting can only be convincing or persuasive enough with the adjunct of exaggerated scale. Ms. Joye’s paintings are strong precisely because she is trying to advance the pleasures of expressive abstraction by going against the prevalent orthodoxy of painting. That they succed technically as well makes her position even more compelling.


       Ken Lum

Formas a veces transparentes, capaces de revelar distinctas capas que esconden un enigma donde la mirada se pierde en un intento de desvelamiento. Composiciones de lugar o de idea que separan astutamente nustra mirada de la esencia, del origen de la pintura misma, provocando en nosotros la sospecha de que hay algo que la vision no puede percibir, como si la distancia entre el espectador y el fondo de la tela fuese inabordable.


These often transparent forms are able to reveal various layers concealing an enigma that entrances the gaze in its unravelling. Site-based or idea-based compositions astutely remove our gaze from the essence, from the painting's origins, provoking an uneasiness in the viewer that there is something his or her eyes are unable to perceive, as though the distance between the spectator and the canvas were unbroachable.

       Tom Skipp



Nicole Joye's painting work is magic, love, the intoxication of color. Color, color alone triumphs in these abstract and unpredictable spaces. Yet this luxurious chromatic palette is far removed from the formal play of decorative art: it is the very expression of emotional life, in its exuberance and surprises. All may be abstract, yet the flesh of the earth and living bodies continuously engage the eye and the senses of the beholder.

      Gilles Lipovetsky