Nothing is further from the spectacle of nature than an informal painting. Photography also traditionally highlights the wonder of the natural world. However, it seems to me that these two worlds are not necessarily in opposition. For the painter, everything is open and nothing is determined: at a certain stage in the work, in the infinity of possibilities, a chemistry takes place. The undetermined gives way to the certainty of the determined.

Therefore, facing the world of light with a camera in hand is not that different a situation to that of abstract painting. Light and color change all the time, yet in this range of possibilities, one combination holds the attention. I strive to capture this same magical moment in my painting and photography. Both practices are made up of a succession of choices. Here is a selection of photographs showing some of these decisive moments. They are classified in different projects.

The memory of signs

Improbable encounters

  Abstract natures

   Everything is a matter of decor

 This line by the poet Aragon suggests that everything is mere artifice. This is not how I photograph what come to my eyes. For me, decor is the unique flavour of the world.

     Fortuitous sensitive geometries 

    The "Fortuitous sensitive geometries"project endeavours to make us feel the emotional charge of the geometries that form the sensitive world. Through the encounter of two photographs, each one taken for its own sake, the effect is intensified, making dissimilar universes vibrate in unison.

Nicole Joye Artwork